We are audacious, friendly, honest and free. At Westt we have the passion and skill to equip you with our best selection of motorcycle helmets. A clean design and internationally certified, our helmets will not compromise on style or safety

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Our helmets are great and convenient to use with any bike - moped, scooter, Harley, road bike, motorcycle, dirt bike, ATV, MTB, four wheeler, snowmobile, motocross motorcycle and more.

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  • Materials

    Lightweight ABS shell (1600g +/-50g) with shockabsorbent multi-density EPS.

  • Certification

    DOT FMVSS No.218 motorbike helmet legally approved for use on all US roads.

  • Comfortable Interior

    Shock-absorbing, laser-cut, breathable padding and removable, washable lining for maximum comfort. Adjustable ventilation points for a cool and comfortable reide.

  • Followed the fit chart and I'm super pleased with how snug I can get it! Minimal wind noise or leakage and the sunglasses visor is just icing on the cake. -Ryan

  • It is easy to put on and comfortable. Keeps my face warm at night and vents work well during the day. I must say this is a good value for your money. -Kevin

  • Great product. Great quality. Received as described. Will buy more in the future. Great seller. It has a nice matte black feel and it fits comfortably. Looking forward to using it on my next ride. -Hanh N. Nguyen

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